New Professionals Area

20. dec 2011

Hi Everyone,

We've just launched our new ''Professional'' service which replaces the old ''Directory'' (the area where wedding companies present their services and goods).

What does this mean? Professionals are now marked with ''PRO'' in their avatars and will be able to contribute to the Forum, create their own Photoblogs and advertise in the new PRO Shops (similar to the Marketplace).  To check out all these features, go to

The aim of this article is to highlight what these new changes will bring to you brides.


  • You will now be able to talk with professionals and get information and first hand advice. Spam however, is not allowed.
  • Professionals can refer you to their profile, where they can have purely advertising messages, albums, or articles.
  • Professional cannot create new discussion or questions in the forum.
  • Professionals will not be able to ''like'' your posts in the forum. This is a mild form of spamming.
  • If you come across any Professional Posts which you do not like, please flag them (using the exclamation mark) and we will consider them for additional Professional rules.


  • Professionals now have their own Photoblog section, which you can find Here they can advertise their latest goods and offers.
  • If you ''like'' a Professional, then their contributions will be displayed to you in the tab Photoblogs - Favourites and from friends.
  • Professionals will not be able to comment on your posts in the photoblogs, or ''like'' them.

PRO Shops

  • Professionals will not be able to advertise in the Marketplace, but they do have a new area, PRO Shops for this, which you can find at the bottom of the main page, the PRO Shops page or via the recommendations at the bottom of the Marketplace.

This about sums up all the important changes that the new service Professional will bring to you. As with any new launch, there will be some teething problems, so if you come across any errors or something that interests you, please feel free to message me and I'll be happy to answer them.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas,