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Been married to Dan for 18 months and it has flown by (same goes for the 9 1/5 years we've been together lol) I have a 12 year old boy called Matthew from a previous relationship but Dan has no children of his own. He has been a better father to Matt than the other one ever was or will be. We have been trying for a baby for 3 years and 10 months. Fingers crossed it all works out soon xxx
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2. 6. 2012 Merseyside | 218 fotiek

is feeling a little gutted that my sister, brother and two cousins are all getting married in the next two years. Am I wrong to feel like this? x

  • kookiebekHa ha nope the same hing has happened to me in the last two years and everytime I feel a little put out! Its almost like I feel I own the year I get married in, even though I know that it sounds very bridezilla!!! Ha ha
    • joski28
      Oh good lol. To be fair I was the third to get engaged but we've been together the longest out of all 5 and I feel it should be us first haha. So far there is only one wedding before ours but the others havn't got a date yet, watch this space lol x
      • roxie2510no not at all! we set our date last year, the my h2b n his fiance got engaged and planned their wedding 2months before ours! i was gutted! but i suppose uve just got to think when their day is over u've got urs to look forward 2! 🙂 x
        • sophie2bgilliesnope not at all- i keep dreaming that my brother gets engaged to his gf and i'm really annoyed lol, and i know what you mean about being together the longest i'm always like that when people get engaged and then plan it before me!
          @kookiebek  i feel like that too 2012 is my year (amongst fam and friends!) to get married- not bridezilla you just want yours to stand out!
          • nessarourkeNope not at all! Iv got two weddings to attend before ours, and im bridesmaid at both!!!
            When i did get engaged my cousins gf went on a huge strop on facebook saying that she was sick of waiting for everything to happen to her!! She then moved one of her current rings onto her ring finger O.o
            I got a bit annoyed at this as it was literally days after we announced it. Felt like 'why cant you just be happy for us rather then being so self centred!!'
            • stephmorganonly 2 months longer than us 😛 xxx