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My husband and I got married 2 years ago and have 2 collie dogs. We have a truly beautiful daughter called Maisie and are going through the peaks and falls of parenthood!!
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Beccy a Barry
30. 7. 2011 Worcestershire | 89 fotiek

woo! H2B's ring has been bought and mine ordered! They are fab and have saved about £500 by not going to the high street! Jewellery Quarter is brilliant and they are so knowledgeable about what suits people too!

  • meeesheldefinitely worth it - we looked at jewellery quarter and hatton garden and decided hatton garden but they're the same kind of thing - save u a fortune on high street prices! i don't think i'll ever buy from hsamuel again!!
    • kookiebek
      nope nor me!! Very happy girly now!!
      • meeeshelyay! is it gorgeous? x
        • emmalouisei went through a company called Forever rings, got mine for £179 compared to £350 in the jewellers xx
          • finallyhappyIs that Birmingham jewellery quarter?
            • kookiebek
              yeah I love it and its specially shaped to fit my engagement ring
              @meeeshel ,
              @emmalouise  its great when you can make a saving. Think we saved about £250 on each ring so really pleased.
              @finallyhappy  yeas it is the Birmingham jewellery quarter, its huge and really good value x