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Hi, I married my husband after 7 years of being together, we married on the 27th August 2011 and are now expecting our first bundle of joy. We got our BFP on the 27th June (a great wedding anniversary present) and we can not wait to meet our little one due around the 26th February 2013! :)
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27. 8. 2011 Hertfordshire | 40 fotiek

MORE Wedding dress shopping today wahoo! going back to see the one i love but will i still love it???? Sooooo Excited!!!

  • katie_reeveI went back to try on the dress that i really loved the other day and ended up falling in love with a completely different dress that had just come in!!! I am not trying anymore dresses just in case, lol xx
    • liljojo84
      he he! doesn't it get confusing! i now think i've tried on too many and am just confusing myself lol!