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I'm originally from Northern Ireland. Moved to Scotland to go to university, met the wonderful man who I married in 2011 and we now have a beautiful baby girl.
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30. 4. 2011 Lanarkshire | 24 fotiek

Our marriage notices arrived today and we got our first lot of rsvp's back today - been a good weddingy day all round 🙂

  • naomi27this is going to sound crazy but what are marrige notices and do i need one lol xxx
    • kerry3112How did you get your marriage notices? Do they come through the post hun or do you go to the registrar?? xx
      • littlemissshowoff
        @naomi  @kerry3112  
        They're the forms you need to fill in and hand back 4-6 weeks before you can get married. Because I'm getting married at the registry office, they sent the forms out to me but I'm sure you can go in and ask for them.
        • kerry3112What do they ask you on the forms.. not sure if i have them.. do you get a copy of your vows with it and the forms ask you who your father is, who your bms are etc etc??xx
          • littlemissshowoff
            The forms want you to fill in your personal details, (name, address, dob etc). They also want to know about your parents (their occupation, whether they're still alive, their marital status etc) and the person you're going to marry (where he/she lives etc).

            My letter also told me who my registrar is going to be and gave me a phone number to contact her so that I can discuss the ceremony and vows with her. There is another form we need to fill in to say who the witnesses are going to be, but I don't have that yet.

            It might be worth taking a look at your local council's website. There's usually a space dedicated to marriages that should give you all the info you need. Also, I live in Scotland and things might be slightly different up here. xx
            • kerry3112Thanks hun, I will have a look 🙂 Getting myself alittle worried haha xx