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We got married in August 2011, been trying since then to conceive. underwent lots of tests - never got the results - 18 months and we got our first beautiful BFP. Clara was born at 40+3 but died 2 days later of severe brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen.
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Melissa a Gareth Dale
26. 8. 2011 Leicestershire | 116 fotiek

9 months to go and i've still not got a dress.............. ):

  • loz2879oh no!! i hope you find something soon!! have you tried some dresses on? ring a round as some shops should be getting the 2011 collections in soon!! i know how you feel though i have been to 3 bridal shops and still not found a dress i want!! i must be picky but i want dress to be perfect! i have 12 months till my big day so a bit more time yet!! but good luck with yours i really hope you find something very soon xxxx