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I found FS through Facebook when I got engaged to my lovely husband. We bought a house last January and then got married in September. We're not planning on starting a family just yet because I'm feeling too young and too selfish, although I am starting to get broody. Hubby is even worse than me in broodiness, although he's so not ready for a baby!!!
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Chloé a Steve
17. 9. 2011 Hertfordshire | 686 fotiek

has just ordered the my beautiful groom album.....scores for today so far: work 0 - wedding 3

feels ever so much more relaxed now my dress is ordered. Mum actually agreed it was the best dress, even though she didn't want to admit it at first!

had a very busy weekend! House was left filthy dirty by the previous owners, so all hands on deck for cleaning, and I ordered my wedding dress 🙂 🙂 🙂 xx

is now officially a home-owner! Yippee!!

had a good chat with MIL about my sister moving away and I feel better for it. My mum just doesn't understand the way MIL does