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I found FS through Facebook when I got engaged to my lovely husband. We bought a house last January and then got married in September. We're not planning on starting a family just yet because I'm feeling too young and too selfish, although I am starting to get broody. Hubby is even worse than me in broodiness, although he's so not ready for a baby!!!
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Chloé a Steve
17. 9. 2011 Hertfordshire | 686 fotiek

has only been on here since yesterday so hello everyone!

  • emmalouiseHello xxx
    • bubs789Welcome xx
      • naomi27hello!! welcome! the girls here are lovely and full of fab ideas xx
        • joneseyhay you will soon be addicted i am x
          • littlemissshowoffHello and welcome. Hope you enjoy yourself here. xx
            • giulzwelcome, you will be addicated in no time and get many fab ideas xx
              • aislingHi, welcome to wedding chat central were you can talk as much as you like and we won't roll our eyes!
                • lexxielouHey, Welcome! this site is fab for good ideas and all the girls are lovely xx
                  • mrs_ohagandavis2bhello x
                    • elodiesmummyHi! 🙂 xx
                      • mrsctobe
                        Hi everyone, thank you for making me feel so welcome! 🙂 x
                        • squrthi how is all the planning going then ?
                          • mrsctobe
                            @squrt  We're doing quite well thank you - got loads done, but we've had a little break, so now we're getting back down to it x
                            • squrtit all looks lovley so far x
                              • jones1985everything lokking good & lovely so far hun xx 🙂