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I found FS through Facebook when I got engaged to my lovely husband. We bought a house last January and then got married in September. We're not planning on starting a family just yet because I'm feeling too young and too selfish, although I am starting to get broody. Hubby is even worse than me in broodiness, although he's so not ready for a baby!!!
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17. 9. 2011 Hertfordshire | 686 fotiek

is thinking of not having a hen do.

  • essex_brideI know that feeling, mine seems to be more hassle than its worth. I wanted to do a spa weekend, approached everyone over a year ago and told them that it would cost approx £110 each to give them time (18months) to save, everyone was up for it and now 5months away people are moaning about it being too much to save in 5 months... Im pissed as its not like i didn't give them plenty of warning or the opportunity to save and now getting to the point of giving up and not having one x
    • give_me_strengthWhy not? x
      • mrsctobe
        @give_me_strength  my sister has announced that she is moving to Oz before the wedding, and won't be there for a hen do unless I change all my plans to suit her, so I'm thinking I won't have one as it saves all the stress!

        @essex_bride  I know what you mean, I've had the date set for ages and now everyone is messing about - they are so much hassle that we just don't need right now!
        • bubs789I'm not having one either, I am however, going to york for the day with my best friend and spending the night in a hotel. We're going to go shopping and have a nice meal somewhere. No matter how hard I try I cannot do the roaming round a city centre getting drunk anymore.