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I found FS through Facebook when I got engaged to my lovely husband. We bought a house last January and then got married in September. We're not planning on starting a family just yet because I'm feeling too young and too selfish, although I am starting to get broody. Hubby is even worse than me in broodiness, although he's so not ready for a baby!!!
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17. 9. 2011 Hertfordshire | 686 fotiek

Ladies....I need your help....I really like the Mark Lesley dress, everyone else really likes the Amanda Wyatt dress....what do you think???? (Pics in photoblog)

  • vix_nealIt should be your choice, doesnt matter what everyone else thinks, you need to feel comfortable in the dress you are wearing. I personally prefer the Mark Lesley one, the other one is really pretty too, but I dont like the ruffles on the side xxx
    • bubs789At the end of the day its your choice and you should pick the one that you feel more comfortable in. Personally I would go for the Mark Lesley but thats because I'm getting one. xx
      • mrsctobe
        Thanks everyone. I'm aiming to go back and try the Mark Lesley on again with people there this time lol! x