Done so far.........

29. aug 2010

So, I know it is 706 days away but I have been getting underway with the planning. I am about to start a new job on Tuesday and so I will be concentrating on that for a while so I feel I'm allowed to do more bits in my breaks. As I'm a teacher I usually spend my evenings worse getting settled into a new school too.

Apart from my dress and getting ideas together I have also bought a few things. I started off a couple of months ago getting some ideas together for wedding invitations. They had to reflect our personalities and likes so we knew they werent going to be simple. Mark thinks I am better at graphics than him, I'm not going to be big headed and agree lol, so he let me play giving feedback when I had done something. One thing was for certain, it needed to be colourful!

After some playing I had some graphics together that Mark liked so one day I sat down in the quiet (was not too well at the time) and put a prototype together. I printed the graphics onto photo paper and the rest was made up with scrap supplies from my craft kit that I had left over (I like to make things). I sent him some pics and he liked them :) I have attached the pictures here so you can see what they looked like. There are some slight difference - no longer blue as we felt that was too cold and the font is now a festival font.

This is the new font:

From the offcuts of these I have also started to make the placecards in the same card, I dont actually need many more as done most of these now. Havent got a pic but will post one of those shortly. I have also done the table numbers in case we decide to use them with other off cuts(depends on whether the seating plan is numbered or done to reflect layout - Mark likes the latter idea).

I have also attacked ebay with a vengeance and have managed to swipe a 3 hoop petticoat for £8.50, flowers to decorate my napkins for £22 and my wedding jewellery for £10. I also found my tiara in a charity shop along with some ivory gloves for £17 as well as some fabric that I have started to make my own napkins with - that will be another post though lol.

I am also a member of freecycle and managed to get some cake decorating equipment for free - Mark and I plan to make our own cake. My friend and her husband did theirs and they said it was a great bonding experience and they had lots of fun doing it :) I have already experimented with making a flower and did well even if I say so myself - with the help of a you tube video :)

So here's the tiara :)

A flower I made when starting my experiments :)

My necklace

My earrings :)