The proposal...........708 days and counting

27. aug 2010

I need an outlet to get out all of the excitement I have bubbling that talking to people is just alleviating lol browsed and found this site which will allow me to blog :)

So, Mark proposed to me in September last year and it was the most romantic thing and the start of Mark proving to me that the way I envisioned things is not what I really wanted. You see, I have never been one of these girls that has planned their wedding day since dot, I never really believed someone would want to marry me, not that theres anything wrong with me but I was a career girl - wanted to be a teacher and that was my goal in life, then my next goal was a baby, with or without the man. I've been hurt by many men so maybe that is why I thought it was going to be that way.

After being with Mark a while I started to wonder as he asked me questions like 'do you think there is a certain length of time to be with someone before proposing' and other similar questions. I then started to think about it, how would I want to be proposed to? I envisioned it in front of loads of people, with people there to applaud and hug me when he asked me. What actually happened was so much more emotional and more fantastic than I could have imagined - I actually cried. Mark had also already asked my Dad for my hand which was the only thing that I knew I really wanted to happen.

So this is how it began. We went to visit my family for my sisters 20th birthday, my Dad was ill so didn't come out with us and was mainly in bed. We went out to a couple of pubs, had a few drinks and ended up at a harbourside pub. I was feeling increasingly unwell as the night went on but put it down to womans issues lol that was my first mistake. When we arrived home and went to bed, I fell asleep quickly leaving Mum and Mark chatting on the sofa. Mark had removed my glasses so I didn't damage them or hurt myself lol. I guess the first time I woke up again was a few hours later writhing in agony - not womans issues. Mark wanted to take me to hospital but I just replied I'd be ok if I could just sleep - I wished.

I woke up in the morning and rang NHS direct - 'you'll be ok, the doctor doesn't need to see you'. My mum, a trainee nurse at the time, was not happy with this. Mark texted his mum to tell her, an ex nurse and we then left to go home. I was curled up in the front of the car with a duvet around me cushioning any movement as anything hurt.

When we got back Mark and his mum ended up taking me to hospital (via an emergency doctor who asked why I hadn't gone to hospital yet). I ended up with an hour in the hospital being prepared to go to a ward and on morphine for the pain. I had some stage of a burst appendix.

Little did I realise I was ruining Marks plans to whisk me away on the bank holiday Monday to propose, instead it came and went with me being operated on and staying in hospital for a week.

When I was finally ready to come out I booked myself in to get my hair done - an attempt at making me feel relaxed and not like my insides were ripping everytime I moved. I asked Mark if when he picked me up we could go to find a laptop - he told me know he was taking me for a walk in the park to 'get you some exercise'.

He arrived when my hair was done and said he had a picnic and we were going to go to our local park and then the picnic would mean we could sit down so I could get a break. We arrived at the park on a superbly sunny day and wandered to a spot which overlooked the lake and laid our blanket in the tall grass. After eating our picnic, Mark said he needed to stretch his legs, he got up stretched then got back down on one knee, overlooking the lake, no-one else around, asked me to marry him with a gorgeous but simple antique ring (which fitted). I cried, said yes and we must have laid there looking at the sky for an hour. 

I couldn't believe it. Marks parents threw us a party at their house and that was it. Completely not what I thought it would be but completely the right way of it being done, just the two of us and so romantic. When we had been visiting he had even popped up to my parents bedroom to ask my Dad for my hand in marriage, I had quickly asked that question, if he had asked my dad and couldnt believe it when he told me he had and that my Dad had been very pleased :)

So that, I think, is enough blogging for today :)

  • kookiebekThats a lovely lovely story, congratulations to you!! I too thought I wanteda big proposal with everyone around us, but when the time came I was just so pleased that it was the too of us and was our little secret until we chose to announce it. Noone else knew, neither of our families or even his best friend (who had asked him the week before if we were headed in tht direction!) its far more personal this way and I was so happy! So when is your wedding?x
    • mrs_anthony_to_besuch a lovely story - i must admit - i was very much the same ... career focus, never even thought about my wedding day when i was younger, but now i'm getting married i can't stop. LOL. lee's proposal to me was very quiet - although not what he had originally planned. 🙂 have a wonderful day and enjoy the preparations!!
      • finallyhappyCongratulations and welcome 🙂
        • annie_tlovely story hun x
          • salserajo1980
            Thank you all 🙂 its going to be 4th August 2012, so plenty of time for me to plan the little details 🙂 x