The wedding dress........

28. aug 2010

So, the wedding dress. Always supposedly the dress a girl has always thought of which I never actually had. My favourite colour is red so all I thought was that I wanted a red dress (I have red hair so felt it appropriate).

I had seen a dress I absolutely adored, a red Hollywood Dreams dress. I didn't realise how expensive they were, just that I loved it. 

I searched high and low for a decent deal and nearly looked to ebay. Then came a visit to my Aunt and Mum, returning my little brother after a visit with me for a week. We wandered around Croydon aimlessly and had a coffee, catching up and chatting as I dont get to see my Aunt that often. As it happened on walking through Allders we discovered a wedding dress sale in part of the shop called All That Glitters. My Aunt and Mum wanted to take a look, just to see and I was definitely interested. My mum lives on the south coast so being with her to see dresses was brilliant and having my Aunt there too made it extra special.

On looking there was a dress that too me completely completely by suprise, why? Because it was antique gold! Not my red dress...................or was it?

I tried on the dress with a double hoop petticoat, when I came out of that changing room I almost cried. I felt like an absolute princess! Not the colour I had wanted but it suited my skin tone. My mum got straight on the phone to my Dad and they bought it for me there on the spot, and what extra nice suprise awaited? We hadnt bothered looking at the tag but to my absolute joy it was basically the dress I had wanted but in Gold instead of Red! I couldnt have been more suprised and happy as it also suited me. Only one problem, the red hair made it look a bit odd lol

I was wearing a stole here (not in correct colour) to hide my arms as they were a bit chunky. The style of the dress hid my size quite well but we didn't get a picture of the back at the time as the dress was a 12 and I was a 14 so I was hanging out of the back. 

I am dark brown haired naturally so the decision is that I will go back to my natural colour for the day, returning to red very soon after lol (my partner said it will be odd as he has never seen me with brown hair, I'm really tempted to get it died the day before so he doesnt see me until the day, hopefully a lovely suprise seeing it all come together)

So my dress is now hanging in my Aunts spare room. It needs taking up as im short and it will need taking in as I am 2 sizes smaller than what I was when I tried it on, but it is a corset style dress so no biggy. 

I cant wait to walk down the aisle, I think my H2B will have a brilliant suprise. I am also very happy with it as thought he might not like the big princess dress but after a couple of friends weddings he has said he hopes I am in a big princess dress as he wants me to look like a proper bride :D

Now antique gold, doesnt really go with red for summer, its more xmas really, so I decided on the tropical colours knowing that Marks fave colour is green and feeling orange was at least in the same are of the colour circle as red. We are so well suited that it turned out I actually chose his 2 best colours as he also likes orange lol go me!

Here are a couple of pics of me in the dress:

This was at my aunts after I lost a stone, I wanted to see if it fitted better and was pleased to see it did :D havent tried it on again since I lost another stone!

My mum didnt take a pic of this view before as she knew I would be upset - not need since I lost weight though :)!

I love the detail at the top :D

  • everton09colours sound fab hun.
    • salserajo1980
      Thank you 🙂 x
      • lollie24it is gorgeous hun you are going to look like a real princess 🙂 x
        • salserajo1980
          @lollie24  Cheers me dear 🙂 Xxx