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I'm Sophie and been with my wonderful fiance Stuart for 9 years :) We got engaged in Rome on July 17th 2010 and getting married 16th June 2012. Can't wait to be his wife!
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16. 6. 2012 North Yorkshire | 215 fotiek

feels annoyed i never had an engagement party, think 3 months after may be a bit late unless its an excuse for a party!

  • lexxielouI don't think it's to late! I found that life was pretty hectic just after we got engaged so we planned it for a couple of months later. I think you should deff have one it's part of the fun in getting engaged! lol xx
    • annie_ti didnt have one either hun x
      • annie_tmaking up for it by having 3 hen nights lol x
        • mrs2bWe had ours 2 1/2 month after we got engaged so no dotn think its too late - ge organising!
          • emmalouisei had mine 4 months after as we had a garden party! We got engaged in march but waited untiil the July for our party!
            Have one xx
            • mrsctobeWe got engaged in the November and had our party in the February - my grandad had been ill so we waited until he could be there. It's never too late to have a party!!!!
              • sophie2bgillies
                ok girls thanks! I'll get talking to the h2b, we tried organising one earlier but yeah that was pretty hectic for us too!
                • bumblebeezzzI had mine in the march when we got engaged nye 🙂
                  • aislingWe didn't have one either, met a few friends for drinks but nothing official - we weren't fussed.