How to choose wedding dress?

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wedding dress belong to high-end products,it's up to thousand dollars for a set dress in America and Europe country.90% of wedding dresses you can see in worldwise are made from China,our wedding dress international trade has huge advantage because of Sufficient supply.But wedding dress Product Variety style variety,dizzying array,how to help customers to choose a dress which would right for her? 1、Six classic styles of popular wedding dress A-line,Ball Gown,Princess,Empire,Mermaid and Sheath are the most Six classic styles of popular wedding dress.Among them,A-line dress with concise design and smooth cut become more and more popular,Ball gown and Princess are the best style for dream wedding,sheath is first selection for beach wedding in European countries and America. 2、eight classic design of collars there are about eight styles of wedding's collars:Strapless,Sweetheart,Spaghetti strap,Halter,One-shoulder,V-neck,Short sleeve and Long sleeve.the most popular collar are Strapless, Sweetheart and Spaghetti strap. 3、hot details of a wedding dress (1)Drape design Fashionable plait element is very popular,Fashionable plait and multi-level collocation giving people a lot of reverie,wedding dress with these element are all hot sale! (2)Embroidery technology frugal, but not simple. (3)Plus size wedding dress and so on.
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