How to Get Fit After a Honeymoon

28. okt 2013

As a few of you have recently got married, though it might be nice to think about life after the wedding :)

Ok, so the wedding and honeymoon period is over and it’s time to get back to reality, oh! It’s going to be a deflated moment, especially after being on such a high but the good thing is, you are now Husband and Wife forever, so at least you have something to keep smiling about!

January blues perhaps?
One of the reasons people do tend to feel a bit down in the dumps after an amazing event is probably due to the toll it has taken on their bodies. It’s a bit like the feeling you get after Christmas, the ‘January blues’!

Kick start a new you!
Most people tend to start workout programmes in January to boost their metabolism and their endorphins and to kick start a healthier lifestyle. Just like at 
Christmas, the relaxing and enjoyment has probably led to a lot of alcohol consumption and the diets go out of the window on honeymoon.
Now that you are married, this is like your January – no better time for a bit of housekeeping. 

Hate working out perhaps? Try Dancing!
One of the reasons people tend to hate working out is because let’s face it; it’s not exactly exciting going to the gym is it? Well, you don’t have to! Why not get your dancing shoes on – you can buy appropriate and cheap clothing at - and try a different approach to fitness instead! Yes, dancing is an extremely good way to improve your body, provide you with more energy, and to tone up those muscles and best of all dancing is FUN! You can do a dance workout at home following a DVD or if you want to step it up a little why not join a class? You never know you 
may actually enjoy it! Another great way to get fit with dancing is to hit the clubs and bars, now that sounds like a plan! Just because you are out painting the town red doesn’t mean it’s not exercise.


Joining a luxury gym is another great way to get fit as you are far more likely to want to work out if the environment you are doing it in is pleasing. Esporta 
gyms are usually pretty good, as are Virgin Actives. Off peak memberships usually cost about £600-700 a year. 

Why not take up cycling? I know a couple that bought a tandem bicycle after getting married and it is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Cycling can 
also be a great way to have more active holidays and to stay fit into old age.Failing all this, if you are at home with the kids, you could pop on the music channel and start busting some moves in your living room. Any way that you decide to take up dancing is going to be 
beneficial. Ultimately it’s about getting the body moving and active again.

  • naiomieYoga is good to. Nice and relaxing and it tones and shapes your body. 😃 xx
    • boycee
      I love pilates too, helps to de-stress like you say 🙂