Making the most of Professionals

31. máj 2012

Hi Everyone,

There have been a number of new features launched, so that wedding suppliers and experts within their own fields, can help you with your wedding planning.

Whether this be giving you advice on your forum or photoblog posts, or whether you were thinking about using their services and goods.

We call these wedding suppliers - Professionals (PRO).

Who is a PRO? - They are REAL people behind the wedding company, someone just like you and me. Someone who you can ask those wedding planning questions to, without any obligation.

1. Professionals - Their homepage on the site is as shown below, and we’ve introduced a new filter by county to help make your search easier.

2. Photoblogs ‘’From PRO’’ - where Professionals can now post their latest status updates.

  • Whether it’s displaying their latest goods or highlighting to you their latest special offers.
  • Or maybe, they’re just posting about their day at work, a day in the life of a wedding supplier :)
  • Keep your eyes peeled!
  • And don’t forget you can like and comment on these just the same as other statuses.

We hope that these new PRO features and interacting more with Professionals, helps give you another dimension in helping you prepare for your big day.

Happy planning!

Stef (aka boycee)