New Hashtags to help search the Photoblogs

5. jún 2012

Hashtags have arrived, but we need your help to help make it useful for all fellow brides :)

  • In the Forum, we have a search function to make it easy for you to find the topic you are looking for.
  • Now, we have created hashtags to help do the same thing in the Photoblogs.

We want to capture all those great discussions and wedding preparation albums.

1. What is a hashtag?

A hashtag (#) is used to help organise and share information and photos by topic.
Making it a great search tool for our Photoblogs!

2. Where can I hashtag?

You can hashtag your short messages, album description and article.
(You cannot currently hashtag album titles or articles titles.)

3. How do I start hashtagging?

It's simple :) Put a # before the topic you want to hash, BUT make sure there is one space before and after the hash
_ # _ ('_' = space). For eg. I've started a few of my own:

#weddingdress #weddingdiy #weddingdecoration #weddingtheme #weddingcake #weddingflowers #weddingring #weddinginspiration #funnyweddingphotos #weddingcolours #realwedding #weddingcentrepieces #beachwedding #weddingshoes #weddingphotoideas #mirrorweddingcentrepieces

When you click on these links, you will see all the posts that have been hashtagged under that topic.

Top Tips
- Before you tag, please search to see if anything similar already exists, (search is top right hand corner on Photoblogs page).
- You can hashtag multiple topics within the one short message, album or article.
- Please do not hashtag users as this function already exists using the @boycee.

Happy Hashtagging!

#hashtags #hashtagging