What's new in Photoblog

11. okt 2012

Hi All,

Whilst I've been away, there have been some new changes made to the layout and navigation of the Photoblog, a revamp, a restyle, all with the aim of making it easier to find things.

What's changed? Posts from your friends are now displayed more prominently, a new layout and navigation.

What your friends have been doing and liking

This was also visible before, but now we have made it more prominent, as seen below. As the site grows, and across all our sites, this was a feature asked for by users as no one can help and advise you better than friends :) Of course, you can always continue to use the ''All'' feed too. It's an extra option.

New layout and Navigation

The new photoblog has been implemented to visually look simpler and be simpler in terms of use and orientation. 

Professionals and your ''Shopping''

Posts from our Professionals can now also be found in a separate tab. Here you can browse their latest goods and offer, your ''shopping'' on Final Stitch :) You can also continue to view their posts under the ''All'' category.

Search Feature

You can also continue to search people's short messages, articles and albums - simply click on the search button in the top right hand corner and the below screen will appear :)

Also, in order to change to the simpler format, some of the older and less used functions have been removed. We apologise to those who used to use them, but maybe you have not even noticed they have gone :)

Your Boycee xx

Asmira Team