Your wedding stories needed

6. mar 2012

We love the fact that brides here on Final Stitch are always there to give a helping hand and wedding advice. Within your photoblogs, there are so many inspirational wedding photo ideas that we created the wedding inspiration.

Now we want to create something similar within the Forum, to help capture your wedding stories and experiences into the one place. So, that like the wedding inspiration, brides can easily find tips or wedding stories by category, for eg. wedding dresses, wedding flowers and wedding decorations.

In order to create something really useful for all brides, we need your help.

Please post your own personal stories, experiences and tips to the following sticky questions in the Forum. Being a sticky thread, means that they will always be at the top of each forum category and so easy to spot and find for all brides.

Please also:

  • do not mention specific company names. The idea behind these threads is for brides to understand your experience of how to approach the wedding planning area.
  • add wedding inspiration photos or photos you have taken yourself related to the wedding topic.
  • include links to useful threads in the forum that have helped you along the way, or links to other people’s photoblogs that have helped inspire you.

The topics are listed below, simply click on the link and share your wedding experiences, stories and tips:

If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.
In the meantime, happy planning and count downing until the big day :)

Stef (aka boycee)

Admin for Final Stitch