Blood men

26. sep 2010

Oh my god  me and h2b had a fall out last night, out of the blue he has decided he now wants a big white wedding in a church, with loads of people he hardly knows or sees. All i want is close family and friends at a hotel, told him unlikely get married in a church as i have been married before. Not sure why he has decided this now... As i thought we both were quite happy with the hotel idea. As when he first proposed i told him i didnt want a big do... I think its more likely the mother in law from hell or his best mate has planted this little seed in his head as he always wants to go one better if u catch my drift....

  • mrsegan2bAw, I'm sorry to hear you had a fall out. I think it's important to remember it's his day too - me and the H2B had a little argument the other day because he didn't like the colours, so I listened to him and we compromised. Now the wedding is even better and I'm so excited.

    I think maybe you should find out exactly why he wants that and if you feel it's valid, maybe have a blessing in a church afterwards but keep it to close family and friends? Then he can have the thousands of people at the evening reception? I don't know the details but I think it's important that the wedding is about both of you and what you both want. Best of luck x
    • diamondbettyMy HBT and I have different ideas about weddings (it's my second time too - his first) I want teeny tiny and he wants huge - so we are getting legally wed just us and our two best friends (posh restaurant after) and then a month later having the reception with 160 people and speeches and stuff.

      I bet you can find a similar compromise somewhere.

      • leakylou
        Did as you suggested sat h2b down and had a chat he appologised and said it was the beer talking, he is still very happy with the plans, amd to go ahead with what we had arranged. x