Honeymoon :)

2. dec 2010
As i need something to look at in this freezing weather! 😉
Honeymoon :) - Obrázok č. 1
Honeymoon :) - Obrázok č. 2
Honeymoon :) - Obrázok č. 3
Honeymoon :) - Obrázok č. 4
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Honeymoon :) - Obrázok č. 6
  • debbieandjaysbigdayWhere are you going babes? Looks absolutely beautiful!! 🙂
    • vix_nealThats the hotel we have chosen for our honeymoon...loks gorgeous doesn't it!!! x
      • chrisjamesThis was one of the venue's we were considering for the wedding, really looks amazing. Sadly it worked out too expensive for the wedding. I am very jealous. Enjoy. So exciting. x
        • liljojo84
          @debbieandjaysbigday  it's Mexico, Rivera Maya, El Derado suites i can not wait! 🙂 ah @vix_neal  when are you going? xxx
          • mrsthompsontobe@liljojo84  this is exactly where we are going! we booked it last week! looks amazing! you'll have to tell me all about it when you get back! x
            • liljojo84
              Oh really??? @mrsthompsontobe  thats really strange! i will tell you all i promise! i cant wait! 🙂
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