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I got married to my soul mate on 14/5/11, I'm a nurse, he's a teacher.We have just brought our first family home (4 bedrooms which I want to fill with children :D ) and can't wait to settle down and start our own little family :) . I have pcos and TTC for >3 years, not been easy, but hopefully all will be worth it in the end though, Ideally I would like 3 children :) <3 xxx
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Emma a Tony
14. 5. 2011 West Midlands | 71 fotiek

for anyone looking for wedding music for the ceremony, first dance etc, I'd recommend going onto ITunes and typing "wedding" in the search box and then albums, loads of stuff on there to preview for ideas 🙂

  • littlemissshowoffI've done that with Spotify as well - it's great for getting ideas.