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I got married to my soul mate on 14/5/11, I'm a nurse, he's a teacher.We have just brought our first family home (4 bedrooms which I want to fill with children :D ) and can't wait to settle down and start our own little family :) . I have pcos and TTC for >3 years, not been easy, but hopefully all will be worth it in the end though, Ideally I would like 3 children :) <3 xxx
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Emma a Tony
14. 5. 2011 West Midlands | 71 fotiek

Just had a dream where Tony had accidently booked the wedding for 27th November ... Panic over lol! 😛

  • emmalouiseI just realised that your Emma and hubbie to be Is Tony. Were the same my name is Emma and my hubbie 2 be is Tony xx
    • dellajanei had a dream well more nightmare really a few weeks ago i dreampt that it was the morning of the wedding and i hadnt got a dress !! i was running around to every wedding dress shop to find a dress that fitted me !! there was none my size anywhere!! then i woke up crying :o( ... i think that was telling me that i need to loose weight and get my dress ordered lol x
      • emma82517
        That's a funny coincidence 🙂 ... I think mine was trying to tell me to hurry up and get the invites finished and sent out lol 😛 xxx