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My husband and I met when we were 15, on the internet of all places. We spent the next 7 years flying backwards and forwards to see each other as he is Canadian. He finally moved here in June 2010 and we got engaged later that summer. We got married 30th December 2011 and bought our first house together September 2012. We had our little boy Isaac on the 26th of September 2013.
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30. 12. 2011 Shropshire | 144 fotiek

parents have just dropped a bomb on us, they are paying for everything bar flowers and registrar

  • emmalouiseWow thats lovely of them x
    • glass_doll9
      I know, we were so surprised. We were all prepared to pay for the majority and they were going to contribute a small amount but they've decided to pay for all of it.
      • joneseywow that really is amazing of them x
        • littlemissshowoffAww, that's lovely of them.x
          • giulzthats amazing, parents are wonderful. My parents bought my dress and are paying for the flowers, it's such a big help xx
            • loz2879wow your so lucky!! you can buy them a fanatstic gift now to thank them on the dayxx
              • elodiesmummyWow!!!! You are soooo lucky!! That's fantastic!! xx
                • glass_doll9
                  We're so grateful to them. It means we can focus our saving towards a house or flat. They are both fantastic and haven't imposed any restrictions on us. We get to pick the things we want and they'll pay. My dad is even suggesting extra things, like an extra car to take my H2B and his best man to the venue.
                  • kerry3112Thats really lovely! x