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I'm Mrs G! Brian and I met on in May 2009 and we married in Sept 2012 :) it was a whirlwind, and totally turned my world the right way round again :)
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Jen a Brian Grassie
15. 9. 2012 Renfrewshire | 50 fotiek

Just had a quote of £325 for a top tier and 120 cupcakes, inc. stand hire... M&S for top tier, 144 cupcakes is £117... thanks but no thanks!!

Got a headache 😞 H2B has once again proved that he's a keeper by making the dinner, washing AND drying the dishes and generally being a sweetheart. Pity he's nightshift now!!

Got my 'something old' today - borrowed a string of pearls from Gran 🙂 will upload pics tomorrow as my usb cable is in work!

Just texted H2B complaining of a fat day as my trousers are hurting my belly button lol - and he says 'aww babe that's rubbish! Love u 🙂' he's a wee sweetheart! - just emailed to me by my boss!!!! GO CHECK IT OUT LADIES!!!!