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Been married to Dan for 18 months and it has flown by (same goes for the 9 1/5 years we've been together lol) I have a 12 year old boy called Matthew from a previous relationship but Dan has no children of his own. He has been a better father to Matt than the other one ever was or will be. We have been trying for a baby for 3 years and 10 months. Fingers crossed it all works out soon xxx
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2. 6. 2012 Merseyside | 218 fotiek

great, Liverpool echo have just announced that The Adelphi Hotel has cockroaches and mice, well in. Now what??

  • katie_reeveBeing a person from within the hotel and catering industry you would be hard pressed to find a hotel that doesn't have any cockroaches or mice regardless of their star ratings! The Adelphi is only being picked up on because of it's status and the press having a slow news day. Don't worry about it, the press/media are the real cockroaches in this story xx
    • joski28
      Thanks 🙂 It's not so much us but what the family are going to think. They might not want to eat somewhere where there was a dead rat found in the restaurant. Just going to play it by ear and see if anyone brings it up x
      • stephmorganas long as thre no rats on my dinner plate i couldnt care less haha, we had rats at back f our house before, neighbour had too much rubbish!!! stuck some rat poison where the where and they gone,that was over yr ago now xx