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i live with my new husband near the sea. we are both physios and enjoy walking climbing and reading. we have just had our first child
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29. 7. 2011 Perthshire | 52 fotiek

yeah shoes came today...and went shopping for veils...can i just say 180 quid for a fancy net curtain seems a bit steep

  • afrodyete£180............*whistles* get on the tin-ternet lass much cheaper on line ; )
    • mrs_madge@katiedarlin  - tell me about it, mine was £300 - i got so caught up in the moment i jsut bought it, its only now i'm thinking i probably have got it cheaper, but hey ho! - you only do it once, and as it's only a veil i'm probably going to sell mine for just a bit less than i paid for it - or it can be an heirloom for any daughters i might have, either way it's worth it! x
      • mrsegan2bMy veil was £155... but it's so beautiful and since my £55 shoes were free I thought I could justify it.... it is extortionate but if it's what you want it's worth it x