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My husband and I got married 2 years ago and have 2 collie dogs. We have a truly beautiful daughter called Maisie and are going through the peaks and falls of parenthood!!
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Beccy a Barry
30. 7. 2011 Worcestershire | 89 fotiek

feel really blurgh and run down but at least our entertainment is sorted

  • meeeshelOh no, that's no good, that's how I felt last week, lots of bugs going about! What entertainment are you having? x
    • kookiebek
      Tell me about it, working in a school I get all the bugs! We are having a band which does rock and indie music through the generations and the lead singer is staying on to dj afterwards. They were playing on the night we got engaged so it has special significance too.
      Hope you are enjoying your 'wedding' couple of days x
      • meeeshelaww that sounds great! I can't decide between live band or DJ but both would be amazing!