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My husband and I got married 2 years ago and have 2 collie dogs. We have a truly beautiful daughter called Maisie and are going through the peaks and falls of parenthood!!
zaregistrovala sa 31. júl 2010
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Beccy a Barry
30. 7. 2011 Worcestershire | 89 fotiek

looking forward to dont tell the bride... its supposed to be explosive

  • jennsmith84I dont think this one is going to end well ha ha xx
    • annie_tme too hun watching now - im struggling to see why i want mary you !! oh x
      • happysarah28lol watching it now. My god he is a harsh man x
        • lisajIm watching it too. Shes going to kill him......
          • katiedarlini feel very nervous for that poor girl and we are only 10 mins in?
            • jennsmith84I want to kill him and im not even marrying him ha ha x
              • happysarah28sorry it is funny lol train crash tv.
                • happysarah28i wanna cry now people x
                  • katiedarlinThat poor girl he obviously doesnt know her very well! on the upside her make up is still fab after all the tears. wonder where she got it?
                    • kookiebek
                      I too thought her make up looked brilliant, found the programme hard to watch too x