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My husband and I got married 2 years ago and have 2 collie dogs. We have a truly beautiful daughter called Maisie and are going through the peaks and falls of parenthood!!
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Beccy a Barry
30. 7. 2011 Worcestershire | 89 fotiek

Wants to thank the girls who replied to my question (it would not let me do a whole reply) as it has really been bugging me and I like some of the suggestions!! Might just do a reserved table sign for the close family members, thank you!

  • lisajI'm glad to be of help and that you like my idea. thats what I love about this site, everyones so helpful 🙂
    • alisonfI liked that idea about reserving a table for the close family 😉 .. I know there's not a way to reply to a 'question' .. we're looking into changing that! In the mean time, this 'short reply' is a good way to let others know what you decided, I think!!! xx