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Hi, I married my husband after 7 years of being together, we married on the 27th August 2011 and are now expecting our first bundle of joy. We got our BFP on the 27th June (a great wedding anniversary present) and we can not wait to meet our little one due around the 26th February 2013! :)
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back from the cake place so confused as its a bit on the expensive side!!! lots of thinking to do i think!

  • mrsp2bM & S do lovely plain cakes... you can dress them up yourself if you're not looking for something too fancy. We're really lucky as we won our cake at a Fayre - woop woop x
    • debbieandjaysbigdayI agree with @mrsp2b ! As much as I would love an out of this world cake, they're just far too expensive and our budget is slowly creeping up & up so we're having m&s cakes with matching flowers from my bouquet and brown ribbon around from the invitations to make it in keeping with our theme! At the end of the day I realised its a cake which will be eaten and gone within no time at all!! However, if you can afford to get something unique and special.....go for it but it all boils down to cost for us tbh! xx
      • mrsp2bI can vouch for the M & S cake - my pal fot it... and I scoffed a few pieces ! lol. To be honest, if we hadnt won ours I would have been doing that... as they can look so lovely with ribbon and/or flowers and you can really keep it personal... and save a lot of money. x
        • clews2009we to are doin up a M&S cake i priced it up at£100 for 4 individual cakes then our own pillars inbetween then hearts and feathers in our colours works out at 130 £ish a bargain
          • liljojo84
            thanks girls! my nan is offering to pay for it for us, and she's just told me to get what ever i like, i just think if im paying that sort of money then i want an amazing cake! the price included the set up fee which i think bulks it up. Going to do research and think some more.