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Im Lisa, I'm 43, and have 2 teenage daughters, Jessica 20 and Bethan 17 and a baby daughter Madeleine born 27 Jan 2012. I work as a Critical Care Staff Nurse in Wales.I got married for the second time on September 23rd 2010 to David x
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Lisa a David
23. 9. 2010 | 77 fotiek

likes the new like button - I thought I was on Facebook for a minute...

feels a bit lost with no wedding to plan...

Wedding reading

As we had a registry office wedding I wasn't expecting the service to be so beautiful. We hadn't prepared anyone to do a reading but...

had a fantastic honeymoon and now cant wait for the professional pics to arrive

Had an absolutely fantastic day. Now getting ready for honeymoon tomorrow. Hoping friends will post pics on Facebook so I can put some on till the professional ones are here