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Im Lisa, I'm 43, and have 2 teenage daughters, Jessica 20 and Bethan 17 and a baby daughter Madeleine born 27 Jan 2012. I work as a Critical Care Staff Nurse in Wales.I got married for the second time on September 23rd 2010 to David x
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Lisa a David
23. 9. 2010 | 77 fotiek

Had an absolutely fantastic day. Now getting ready for honeymoon tomorrow. Hoping friends will post pics on Facebook so I can put some on till the professional ones are here

  • diamondbettyCongratulations! x
    • littlemissshowoffCongratulations! So glad you had a wonderful day. Be sure to enjoy your honeymoon just as much. xxx
      • mrs2bCongrats hun!
        • giulzCongratulations hunni, have a great time and a safe trip xx
          • ocarinaIm glad it went well for you.
            Enjoy your honeymoon - looking forward to seeing the pics xx
            • meeeshelglad you had an amazing day, congratulations and enjoy the honeymoon!! x