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Im Lisa, I'm 43, and have 2 teenage daughters, Jessica 20 and Bethan 17 and a baby daughter Madeleine born 27 Jan 2012. I work as a Critical Care Staff Nurse in Wales.I got married for the second time on September 23rd 2010 to David x
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Lisa a David
23. 9. 2010 | 77 fotiek

8 days to go. Im so excited Im bouncing off the walls lol. Think my workmates will be glad when I finish work Sunday as Im driving them crazy

  • giulzaww thats lovely, and ur workmates understand, its such an exciting time. I'm the same and I've ages to go xx
    • lexxielouOh wow, how exciting!! have you got much more to do? xx
      • lisaj
        Pretty much everything is done. I picked up my dress from the seamstress today and the bridesmaids dresses are ready Tuesday. Have to do my table plan which isnt hard as theres only 20 of us in the day, change the colour ribbon on my placecard holders and write my placecards and thats it!
        • sues07ahhhhhhh lol, have a fantastic day and enjoy x
          • meeesheloooh very exciting!!!
            • littlemissshowoffSo exciting 😃 Hope you have a wonderful day. x
              • teenietah i hope you have a fun few days at work you should bring some cupcakes in and have a wedding tea!!! seriously i hope you have a lovely few days and wedding day!!