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Im Lisa, I'm 43, and have 2 teenage daughters, Jessica 20 and Bethan 17 and a baby daughter Madeleine born 27 Jan 2012. I work as a Critical Care Staff Nurse in Wales.I got married for the second time on September 23rd 2010 to David x
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Lisa a David
23. 9. 2010 | 77 fotiek

just heard the bridal shop I got my bridesmaids dresses from has gone bankcrupt leaving some brides with no dresses and no money! So lucky I got my dresses

  • littlemissshowoffThe shop where one of my friends got her dress when into administration a month before her wedding - she was really lucky though and managed to get her dress. A lot of the other brides had to go and try and find a new dress days or weeks before their weddings. It's awful when things like that happen.
    • lisaj
      Theres a lady in the local paper that paid £800 cash for her dress months ago and they didnt order it or pay the wholesaler so shes left with nothing.The designer has offered to let her have the same dress at cost price but its still another £500.Ttwo weeks before the wedding they were shut for refurbishment but nothing in the shop had changed when I went to pick my bridesmaids dresses up - I guess I was really lucky mine got ordered and paid for
      • littlemissshowoffOoh, that's awful! It's one of the reasons I've made sure I've paid for everything by credit card. You were so lucky getting yours before anything happened.
        • annie_twe got a shop like that here brides pay but get nowt. or they come to late (i was in there when a bloke was moaning on behalf of his bride (this was a thurs - they were getting married on the sat!!)
          made me go no thankyou haha x