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Im Lisa, I'm 43, and have 2 teenage daughters, Jessica 20 and Bethan 17 and a baby daughter Madeleine born 27 Jan 2012. I work as a Critical Care Staff Nurse in Wales.I got married for the second time on September 23rd 2010 to David x
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Lisa a David
23. 9. 2010 | 77 fotiek

now has an extra bridesmaid with just 7 weeks to go....

  • debbieandjaysbigdayHow? LOL!! 🙂
    • sues07Lol nothing like something to stress you more lol x
      • lisaj
        Its a long story, but to make it shorter - I was going to have just my daughters as bridesmaids, then my best friend volunteered herself as MOH. Now it turns out my older sister would have loved to be bridesmaid ( I didnt think she'd want to be as she'd just split up with her partner) and mum now decides to tell me and I asked big sis to be a bridesmaid. It's too late to get her the same dress as my bf so we are just going to have to colour match an off the peg one. The search begins!!