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I'm originally from Northern Ireland. Moved to Scotland to go to university, met the wonderful man who I married in 2011 and we now have a beautiful baby girl.
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30. 4. 2011 Lanarkshire | 24 fotiek

I've just checked my emails and found out I've won a voucher for one of the florists I saw at the wedding fair a couple of weeks ago! I can't believe it!!!

  • mrsp2bhi ya again !!!! nice one ! We won our CAKE in a free prize draw at the wedding fayre in the hotel last month !!! woop woop, we have £500 to spend.
    Have you seen Andrew yet? remember to tell him I was asking for him ! (Lynn Hay) x
    • littlemissshowoff
      @mrsp2b  Hi again! Isn't it amazing when you win something like that? I was totally not expecting it so got the shock of my life 🙂
      No, sot seen Andrew yet, but don't worry, I haven't fogotten 🙂 I'm going to email him later so I'll tell him you were asking for him.
      How're you doing? xx