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I'm originally from Northern Ireland. Moved to Scotland to go to university, met the wonderful man who I married in 2011 and we now have a beautiful baby girl.
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30. 4. 2011 Lanarkshire | 24 fotiek

My guest list is getting out of control!

  • loz2879ha ha i had same trouble! just try and keep it concise and seriously think how close those family/friends are! they can always just go to the reception after party? i know its hard i originally had 120 for sit down meal but have slashed this to 80!! then i will invite rest to after party only about 8pm. my wedding isnt till nov 2011 but my enue wanted idea on numbers so had to estimate! ive saved about 3k by reducing guest list!! good luck with yours!! x
    • littlemissshowoff
      Problem is my family is huge and if I don't invite them, there'll be rows all round. On top of that, most of them won't be able to come because they live in either India or America, so I'll have to invite them, but not really count them. It's all a bit mad.