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I'm originally from Northern Ireland. Moved to Scotland to go to university, met the wonderful man who I married in 2011 and we now have a beautiful baby girl.
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30. 4. 2011 Lanarkshire | 24 fotiek

William and Kate are getting married the day before me. Not sure how I feel about that. Great I'll get the day off (hopefully!) but it might overshadow my big day 😞

  • loz2879how dare they book before your big day!lol they wont over shadow you big day! as all your friends and family are going to see you get married!!! its not long for you now!! bet your getting well excited!! xx
    • meeeshelnooo don't worry about that, your wedding is a much bigger deal to you, your friends and family - all everyone cares about with the royal one is the dress and the day off 😉
      • littlemissshowoff
        @loz2879  and @meeeshel
        You're right - our big day is going to be personal to us and will mean so much more to us than the royal wedding. At least I can take the day off without taking a day's annual leave 🙂