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We got married in August 2011, been trying since then to conceive. underwent lots of tests - never got the results - 18 months and we got our first beautiful BFP. Clara was born at 40+3 but died 2 days later of severe brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen.
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Melissa a Gareth Dale
26. 8. 2011 Leicestershire | 116 fotiek

needs to start thinking about a cake......anyone in leicestershire who can recommend someone?

  • pepzi25nic
    Try this person she does special made for a great price, am defo thinking of getting one from here. x
    • mizza1987
      @pepzi25nic  thankyou but glasgow is quite far from leicester!!! xx
      • debbieandjaysbigdayGo on FB and search colettes cookie and cake creations! They're based in kettering, might be worth a chat with! Failing that M&S do nice cakes, that's what we are having and I've bought a cake topper for all 3 tiers to match all our other flowers & will add the same ribbon & bow design used on our invites etc... Have bought the cake stand for £28 from ebay with the view to sell it on afterwards! Hope that helps babe 🙂 xx