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I am a secondary teacher working in the Essex area and married the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with on 4th August 2013. We were pregnant with our little lady Isabelle-Louise at the time so was on FS and here hehe. We found out on 3rd February we are expecting a little sibling for our baby girl, couldnt be happier :)
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4. 8. 2012 Essex | 553 fotiek

first Christmas in our new home, h2b has his dream job, 19 months til we get married, all is right with the world

h2b and I moved to a new flat, love it and have the in-laws coming over for a Thai feast this evening 🙂

my H2B got the Job 🙂 out tonight to celebrate once finished at my meeting 🙂

woohoo h2b has second interview on Tuesday.......fingers firmly crossed

my h2b has a job interview tomorrow 🙂