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I'm Sophie and been with my wonderful fiance Stuart for 9 years :) We got engaged in Rome on July 17th 2010 and getting married 16th June 2012. Can't wait to be his wife!
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16. 6. 2012 North Yorkshire | 215 fotiek

Hates the bitchiness at my work! some people really are pathetic! Sorry not wedding related just needed a rant!

  • loz2879god i know the feeling hun!! some people just need to get alife and stop worrying about others!! my workplace can be silly wih rumors and pettiness sometimes!! but i just walk out teh door at end of shift and leave it all behind! dont let it bothe ryou hun! xx
    • ladowlinI hear ya! My job are gonna be bitching about me cos I'm sick this week and may be off christmas day....even though it is their fault I'm sick cos they exposed me to two patients without the correct protection in place. We just have to rise above it and in a way I'm going to laugh cos they got me out of working christmas by being stupid!
      • leannanatalieThere will always be office politics where ever you work. I'm looking forward to getting my degree sorted so i can locum at different opticians everyday and not have the daily bitching that we get at the moment! (Plus they pay you more for locum work, hehe). Like ladowlin said, leave it all at work, and come home and talk wedding stuff with us 😉 xx
        • sophie2bgillies
          @leannanatalie  Hehe thanks girls glad i'm not alone! Definitely best to leave it behind when i come home..... can't worry about that when i have a wedding to plan yay! xx
          • leannanatalieIt's literally all i can think about when i get home from work! I ordered a little decoration piece from east of india the other day and it was waiting for me when i got home 😃 Made me smile. My wedding is so going to ruin my degree...... hehe.