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I'm Sophie and been with my wonderful fiance Stuart for 9 years :) We got engaged in Rome on July 17th 2010 and getting married 16th June 2012. Can't wait to be his wife!
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16. 6. 2012 North Yorkshire | 215 fotiek

just dawned on me that I'm going to be very busy wedding planning next year! Quite nervous!

  • leannanatalieSame here! And i'm doing an honours degree and working at the same time. I think i must be mad!!!
    • clareandjason2012same here too!! 2011 is going to be so busy wedding plannning!!
      • lexxielouwe started planning ours with a year to go and i'm surprised how easy flowing it's all been, I think if your organised then it takes away a hell of a lot of the pressure and stress. we have under 6 months to go now and everything is going to plan so far, so don't worry to much.. you will just give yourself more to worry about lol x
        • meeeshel@sophie2bgillies  @elodiesmummy  I wouldn't worry too much, we've all got plenty of time so it'll all slot into place! A lot of people joke about how far ahead our wedding is but i'm glad really as it gives me loads of time to get it all done without the stress and so i can get every detail just perfect! xx
          • elodiesmummySame!
            I can see a year of late nights after exhausting days ahead of me! lol xx
            • ourbigdayyou'll be fine - it all falls into place once you really get started!