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I'm Sophie and been with my wonderful fiance Stuart for 9 years :) We got engaged in Rome on July 17th 2010 and getting married 16th June 2012. Can't wait to be his wife!
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Sophie Hall a Stuart Gillies
16. 6. 2012 North Yorkshire | 215 fotiek

oh my goodness that couple is faaar too young to be getting married, they seem so immature too, being engaged since 14 :S

  • mrsp2bGod the wee guy couldnt string a sentence together lol x
    • giulzI know, defo far 2 young xx
      • mrsp2bI know - I feel like an old bag watching them lol x
        • sophie2bgillies
          I thought i was quite young and at 16 i knew i wanted to marry my h2b but i knew i was too young to make that commitment at that age lol!! Oh well all the best to them i guess!
          • pinkcharmsi was going to say i got engaged just after my 17th birthday and got married just before my 20th birthday and every one told me i was too young lol.
            • sophie2bgillies
              no no just the whole getting engaged at 14 and the groom was still rolling around the floor and still at the age you do your GSCE's! You know when you know but that was too young (for me at least!) and I know i did a lot of growing up between 16 and 22!
              • mrsp2bI still feel too young... and I'm 38 !!! lol