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Needs some ideas on what to do for winter themed centerpieces?? keep seeing same few google pics!!

  • mrsmander2bI went to a winter wedding last year and the bride had branch type things sprayed silver with crystals drapped over then as an added touch each perso had a plain heart shaped card to write a message on and hang on the tree x
    • missengagedI've seen some bauble topiary trees which looked fabulous!! For favours I saw some lovely snowflake chocolates on Confetti the other day and they were very cheap (on sale).x
      • shellywellygoogle 'once wed' and have a look around the website- lots of ideas, maybe some wintery 🙂
        • jen150912Poinsettas are lovely x
          • mrsmorrisontobeWhy don't you think about your (and obv. H2bs!!!) favourite part of christmas and see if it gives you any inspiration?
            • futuremrsevansim having a winter wedding, my centre pieces are a big dark red candle in the middle of a circle of twigs red berries and gerbra flowers the florist did a moc up and it looks lovely.