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I'm Mrs G! Brian and I met on in May 2009 and we married in Sept 2012 :) it was a whirlwind, and totally turned my world the right way round again :)
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15. 9. 2012 Renfrewshire | 50 fotiek

Bought wee Save the Date cards from Vistaprint - 250 free, only having to pay for postage 🙂 so I was even tighter and paid for the 21 day delivery at £3.70 lol!! Just need to keep them in a safe place until it's time to write the xmas cards... 😉 x

  • stella4benI order everything from Vista on the slowest delivery, and every time I have received it within a week!
    • jen150912
      @stella4ben  that's great, means I have more time to loose them lol! What other products have you got off there? Wedding stuff? x
      • stella4benI got business cards but changed them into DJ song request cards and I also got a 'Future Mrs Hall' t-shirt for a laugh 🙂 Definitely getting more stuff from them though x
        • shobo123i done that too but i bought little magnets on the back so people could stick them on the fridge, every1 was well impressed. xxx