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I'm Mrs G! Brian and I met on in May 2009 and we married in Sept 2012 :) it was a whirlwind, and totally turned my world the right way round again :)
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15. 9. 2012 Renfrewshire | 50 fotiek

Can anyone recommend a website for crystal and pearl tiara/combs? Thanks muchly ladies! 🙂 x

  • emmalouise
     try this xx
    • has some fab hair accessories, think I'll be getting mine from there or borrowing my friends tiara and she got hers there too 🙂 x
      • ourbigdayHave a look in Claire's Accessories - it's like an Aladdins cave, but you will have to go to a store, their website is poo! Also Jon Richards have lovely hair accessories and are cheap, they are usually in Debenhams
        • have some lovely items on it
          • jen150912
            Thanks ladies, I'll go have a look just now! x
            • lisajane85defo glitzy sercrets!there stuff is gorge l got my tiara from there so beautiful&at really good price
              • jen150912
                @bubs789  thank you - I've found some that I like!

                @lisajane85  @mrsthompsontobe  glity secrets looks quite pricey - £30 for 2 wee hair pins...? lovely, but I don't think they're worth the cost... thank you though! x
                • wilsonsoon2bcollins@jen150912 x
                  • mrsthompsontobeNo probs, some of it is pricey and others quite reasonable just depends what you are after! I've just found a gorgeoues head piece on there! 🙂
                    • jen150912
                      @wilsonsoon2bcollins  thanks - saw a lovely side headband on there! Will post a pic x
                      • wilsonsoon2bcollins@jen150912.  My cousin gave me a head slide/grip that she bought for her wedding last year but never used it and was from there. Gorgeous site isnt it x