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I'm Mrs G! Brian and I met on in May 2009 and we married in Sept 2012 :) it was a whirlwind, and totally turned my world the right way round again :)
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Jen a Brian Grassie
15. 9. 2012 Renfrewshire | 50 fotiek

I feel as though I'm at a standstill... what can I do now?? Is it too early to do anything??

  • elodiesmummyNever too early 🙂 xx
    • jen150912
      @elodiesmummy  lol I'm just flapping looking for something to keep me occupied... maybe order my invitations? I'm doing them myself anyways... x
      • elodiesmummyInvites are a good start 🙂 I'm doing my save the dates atm, just decorated my wedding shoes a few days ago, and got my daughters flowergirl dress & headband. Unfortunately its rent day so i'm skint for a while now lol xx
        • wilsonsoon2bcollins@jen150912  babe its never too early, x
          • jen150912
            @elodiesmummy  I got my save the dates already, keeping them safe to include in this year's xmas cards lol! I suppose I could sketch a few BM dress ideas... But I'll order the invites!

            @wilsonsoon2bcollins  I'm slowly turning into bridezilla...!!! you still happy with your veil? Who was the seller? I'm going to compare with the other site I found x
            • wilsonsoon2bcollins@jen150912  seller yourbridalwear2007 so happy with it!!!! x
              • wilsonsoon2bcollinsas for bridezilla, KNOW THAT FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol x
                • jen150912
                  @wilsonsoon2bcollins  she's only got 2 on, and they're longer than I want with no crystally bits... but for those prices, jeezo a bargain!! I'll DEF keep them in mind if I go for a longer on, could add the sparkle myself 🙂

                  I don't know what to do with myself lol I spend more time doing weddingy searches on tinternet at work that I do actually working... oops... x
                  • wilsonsoon2bcollins@jen150912  i say enjoy it while its enjoyable!! coz eventually it becomes a nightmare doesn't it and your not hurting anyone! shop away!! lol
                    its longer than i thought, but surprising perfect!! 🙂 and the quality is shocking for the price!x
                    • jen150912
                      @wilsonsoon2bcollins  I've already had jibes from one friend at the wkend there - my cousin gave me 10 mags that she's done with, and I wanted to look thru them before we left so I didn't have to lug them all home - when I said 'oh I better get a shimmy on looking thru these 'she says 'god jen, you've got 18mths' I was like, 'ehh I'm not taking them home, leaving them here??!!' It shut her up but I didn't like snapping at her! As long as H2B doesn't get peed off with me, that's all that matters lol 🙂 But aye, I'm def enjoying at the mo, my wee scrap book is getting fatter and fatter! Gonna print off some of the pics I've got saved on my wee pendrive so everythings together...

                      I think I'll wait a while yet til I get the veil - my dress isn't going to be altered for another year anyways so once it's with the dressmaker I can take them along and try them with the dress and see what length suits. Or make it myself lol!! 😉 you got a bargain on that buy hun!! x
                      • wilsonsoon2bcollins@jen150912  i have some friends like that, but i dont give a 'poo!' anymore its my wedding, don't like my happiness 'sod ya!'. thats why i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this site!! wedding wedding weddings!!!! lol
                        talk away to us as much as you like!! hehe
                        one friend of mine was saying that when i had 5 months left, ive ONLY just got my dress..imagine if i had left it till late like she said eh x
                        • jen150912
                          @wilsonsoon2bcollins  lol bugger them eh! My married mate and my cousin have always said to me that they're there to chat to for advice etc when I need it, as they loved the planning process, so I've got plenty ppl to pester! 😉 I've had the 'you've got your dress already!!' comments, and 'what if you see something else, fashions change!!' well tough, coz I'm loving my dress, I'm no looking elsewhere, and I've never followed fashion anyways, so whys hould my dress by any diff!! Gads...

                          Rant over, how's your Tuesday?? lol x
                          • wilsonsoon2bcollins@jen150912  before i was even pregnant with our youngest i saw this pram and said i'm having that! got preggers and got that pram!! must of been 6 months before i was even pregnant. so i know what i want and i get it!! lol
                            my tuesday is going ok actually, was sick last night so woke up feeling shit, but then i got a telephone call from a place called doubletake studio offering a free photoshoot along with a friend for a refundable £10 each. refundable booking prices start from £1 to £20 depending on how soon you book up. i got a coldsore so booked it for a while away lol so booked up for march! should be fun , hair, make up, facials HELLO!! lol
                            there are a few stuidos around.

                            and how is your tuesaday going ? x
                            • jen150912
                              @wilsonsoon2bcollins  I'm the same, know what I want, then go get it!

                              Bloody typical - they don't have a Scottish one! I've seen a few place in my area that do these, I think H2B would friggin love a pic as a pressie 😉 Eh, this is March lol! Bet that made you feel better tho!

                              My Tuesday is ok, not done much work as I logged on here about 9.30am... oops... Got bits and bobs to do today, not giving myself anything that requires brain power 🙂 the joys of being junior management lol!! x
                              • wilsonsoon2bcollins@jen150912  could you not have a day or weekend out to go have a shoot done somewhere else? i have had friends have these shoots done they look amazing!!
                                im only going for the pampering lol i hate photos eek!!! imagine me on my wedding day lol.

                                well i'm job searching as is h2b but not getting far! tut! x