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I'm Mrs G! Brian and I met on in May 2009 and we married in Sept 2012 :) it was a whirlwind, and totally turned my world the right way round again :)
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Jen a Brian Grassie
15. 9. 2012 Renfrewshire | 50 fotiek

So... I got my dress! After worrying that it would end up looking awful as I've been waiting to try it on for so long, my sister got emotional, then mum did too! It's perfect... 🙂

  • ajb2bSo glad you love it hun1 My mum hasn't seen mine yet, trying to get her over from Belfast.
    • ajb2bp.s. pretty sure I was also at the Metallica concert you mention in your 'about me' section, lol. Bring on SECC wedding show next week!
      • loz2879ah lovely!! cantw ait to see your dress 🙂